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Earn Money Toward Your Tuition Through the Scrip Program

Gift card fundraising, also known as Scrip fundraising, has been the #1 fundraiser for nonprofit organizations across the U.S. for more than 25 years.

Why? Because it’s easy and more convenient than selling goods or recruiting volunteers. Earn simply by buying gift cards to use for everyday purchases, instead of cash or credit cards

How to get started:

How do I start accumulating credit towards my child's tuition payments?


  • Turn in a completed Scrip program agreement form to the school office.

  • Download the RaiseRight app, use Setons code and enter your ACH information. Code will be given to anyone who turns in a Scrip agreement form upon request. 

  • You can ask friends and family to help you earn credit towards your tuition with everyday purchase through the Scrip program by having them turn in a Scrip program agreement form. and App:

Download the RaiseRight app on your phone and use it to assist you when making everyday purchases that will help you earn money off of your tuition costs. There are over 550+ retailers available on the RaiseRight app

On-Hand gift card purchases are available at the school office and the Epiphany of the Lord Parish office. On-Hand girt cards include local retailers who participate with the Scrip program on behalf of the school. 

Please contact the school office with any questions about Scrip Fundraising and the RaiseRight app opportunities.  

Call: 814-336-2320


OnHand Scrip gift cards and be purchased at the following locations:
Seton School Office

​The Epiphany of the Lord Parish Office

After the Epiphany of the Lord parish Sunday Masses. 


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