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Student Council consists of students in grades 6-8

What is the role of the student council?

Our Seton Student Council has various roles, such as organizing school activities, like our spring social. The student council is also responsible for handling philanthropic fundraisers, like food drives or taking donations for other charitable purposes. Overall, the Seton Student Council aims to make positive changes that benefit the students, school, and community.

What are the benefits of a student council?

There are many benefits of a student council. The Seton Student Council teaches young people effective leadership skills. It also teaches Seton students how to give back to the community and help those in need.

What makes a strong student council?

Our Seton Student Council is one that includes students who have good grades and are positive role models. Additionally, effective communication and teamwork skills between student council members is what makes our student council strong. The Seton Student Council is led by advisers who council members with guidance.

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