Dear Parents,

There are so many great activities coming up at Seton this year: holiday parties, “Seton’s Thanksgiving dinner,” “Santa’s Workshop,” “Relay Day,” and more.   We would love for you to be a part of these special days with your child/children, but we need completed clearances and forms filed in our school office. 

This year, all volunteers, who work with children, whether considered “regular” or “occasional”, will need to obtain clearances.  The descriptions and the requirements of each type of volunteers are as follows:

Occasional Volunteer

Someone who volunteers for a couple events throughout the school year.


Regular Volunteer

Someone who has interaction with children/youth on a regular basis such as field trips, retreats, or to be a room parent, you must complete the requirements for a regular volunteer.



Considered a “regular volunteer.” If you would like to coach, you will need all of the above plus the online concussion class and the sudden cardiac arrest course every year.


Thank you for ensuring our children’s safety. Your time and dedication are greatly appreciated.


Mrs. Christine Hess