Diocese of Erie Catholic Schools Student Testing Philosophy

Standardized testing is important and valuable. But, the why and how of this type of testing makes a statement about our approach to education. The diocese requires its elementary and middle schools to participate in standardized tests each year. Students take time from classroom instruction to take these standardized tests so the data can be used to help teachers be most effective. 

Before 2019 - TerraNova assessments in Gr. 2-8 (Data included is for 2017-2018, see below)
2019-2020 - No standardized testing was given at the end of the school year due to the COVID-19 shutdown of schools. 
2020-2021 - Acadience assessments given in Gr. K-2 (Math and Reading) - See School Results below
- ACT/Aspire assessments are given in Gr. 3-8 (Math, Reading, Language Usage, and Science) - See School Results below  
In 2021-2022 - Acadience assessments will be given in Gr. K-2 (Fall, Winter, and Spring) 
- NWEA Map Growth assessments will be given in Gr. 3-8 (Fall, Winter, and Spring) - School Results will be posted at the end of the current school year.