Standardized Testing

Diocese of Erie Catholic Schools Student Testing Philosophy

Standardized testing is important and valuable. But, the why and how of this type of testing makes a statement about our approach to education. The diocese requires its elementary and middle schools to participate in standardized tests in October of each year. Students take time from classroom instruction to take these standardized tests so the data can be used to help teachers be most effective. We do not participate in year-end high stakes testing because it does not align with our philosophy of why we test. Catholic schools in the Diocese of Erie test so we can teach with more focus on what our students need.

Students in grades 2 through 8 take the TerraNova standardized tests in Reading, Language, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Students in grades 3 and 6 also complete the InView cognitive ability tests. These four partial days of testing provide teachers, parents and principals data about the students who will be in their classrooms for the next eight months. The test results can assist teachers in determining skill strengths and challenges for the entire class and for each student. Once the data is reviewed then instruction may be modified to meet the needs of the students.

This year students in Catholic Schools throughout the Diocese of Erie performed very well in all grade levels and across all subject areas.

With 479 eighth grade students taking the test in October, at least 92% of the students scored at moderate or high mastery on skills that need to be mastered throughout the school year in all subjects. These tests are aligned with national standards.