Scrip - RaiseRight

Scrip & Raise Right are a great way to raise money to offset your tuition and to help families pay their required fundraising fees. It is also a great way to donate to the school! Simply fill out a Retail Rebate Agreement, return to the school office, and start earning money for your cause!

The program is easy to use… simply buy your certificates from the school and use them at your favorite store rather than paying cash. Our Scrip Loaves and Fishes Program can be utilized in one of three ways, to satisfy every shopper’s needs:

On hand order forms
Extended list order form
RaiseRight Website

Scrip Loaves and Fishes Order Form

To explore sales beyond the local grocery stores, please check here to see which stores currently participate in the Scrip Program.

We can now purchase from ANY of the listed stores. To do this one would simply fill out the order form and return it to Seton along with your check made payable to Scrip-Loaves & Fishes. Only orders accompanied with payment will be accepted. Orders must be received by Monday and will be ready for pick-up or delivery through Friday Folders by Friday.

Please note that if you would like your order mailed to your there is a postage fee of $1 and once the cards leave our office they are no longer our responsibility. (Extended List Order Form)

Shop With Your Phone!

The new RaiseRight™ mobile app makes fundraising easier. There’s no need for selling, event planning, or door knocking. No extra time wasted. No extra money spent.

Shop more than 750 top brands using gift cards—right from your phone. Whether you're at home or at the store. Get started with on-the-go fundraising that creates opportunities for the people and organizations that matter most to you.

Shop With Your Online Scrip Account

Purchases may also be made online at

If you are buying online for the first time, please email Sarah Blood at


Certificates on Hand

As we have in the past, certificates and order forms will be available after every Mass.

Watch this short video to understand more about scrip!


Our local grocery store certificates will be available for immediate needs and order forms for other stores will also be available. One obstacle with selling certificates in the past has been volunteers to “man” the table. Seton parents who are parishioners of The Epiphany of the Lord Parish are expected to assist with the sales at the weekend Masses. Recognizing that not all Seton parents belong to the Meadville Parish, our hope is that you will assist with sales at your own parish or at special school events throughout the year. Remember many hands make light work. (Directions for Parents to sell at Mass, On hand order forms)

Sarah Blood, The Epiphany of the Lord Bookkeeper, oversees the program. We do try to accommodate your Mass choice but occasionally, you may be asked to sell at a different Mass. If you have any questions please contact, Sarah at 814-336-1112.

Please click here for your schedule, also if you can not make your scheduled time please follow this link to request a swap or to view the roster of other parents who you can contact to swap with you.