We welcome all faiths.

Seton Catholic is more than just an educational institution, we are a faith community.  We are a ministry of the Catholic Church and emphasize Catholic teachings, virtues, and traditions.  However, we value diversity and a respect for all faiths.  Families from other faith backgrounds are a welcome part of our school community.

In a Catholic school, all students are expected to attend and participate in prayer, the Mass, and religious education classes.  During the course of the year students participate in special activities that help us celebrate the different seasons of the Catholic Church. Students celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and Easter, observe the seasons of Advent and Lent, and learn about and honor the saints, holy men and women who are role models for us in our journey of faith.

Our non-Catholic students and families should feel confident that we respect their consciences; and our school does not try to convert students of other denominations.  All students will find that religion classes deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and develop a greater understanding between Christian churches.

We invite you to contact the principal, Mrs. Christine Hess to address any questions regarding faith development and instruction at particular grade levels.


Faith Environment

As a Catholic school, religious study is a core part of the curriculum.  Religion at Seton is not just studying Catholicism.  Religious studies include learning about all major religions, including common beliefs and fundamental differences.

Students attend Catholic Mass on a weekly basis.  Students lead the Mass, serving as cantors, lectors, and altar servers.  (Any student who has not received the Catholic Sacrament of First Communion is invited, during Communion, to approach the altar with their arms crossed over their chest, as a sign that they wish to receive a blessing from the Priest or Eucharistic Minister.

Catholic students preparing for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion will receive their required preparation in second grade religion class. There is no need to enroll in Faith Development.

Our parish priests, Fr’s. Jeff Lucas and Fr. Joe Petrone, actively participate in the life of the school. They lead the school Mass each Wednesday at St. Agatha Church.