Act 89 Reading, Math and Speech

Act 89 is a program funded by the state of Pennsylvania similar to the federal “Title I” program. Act 89 teachers at Seton Catholic School are Reading Specialists and Highly Qualified Math Teachers who work with students who are not currently working to their potential in the subjects of reading and/or mathematics.

The program includes times when Act 89 teachers go into the classroom and assist with a lesson and other times when students report to a learning center in small groups. Individualized instructional goals and objectives are designed to promote students success and progress.

Students then work on the specific skills they need to help build a foundation in the subject, and then build upon that foundation, in order to achieve their fullest potential.

One of the benefits of this program is flexibility. Students can be referred by their teacher, parent, or themselves to receive assistance with their academics.

Act 89 Specialists monitor student progress continuously through both formal and informal assessments. A program is then designed to improve skills, and continually monitor the child’s progress. Parents are kept informed by reports and conferences. Students are aware of their success through progress monitoring and are often involved in setting goals for themselves. Students and parents are thrilled to see their child’s grades improve. When successful attainment of individual goals is met, the student gains self-confidence!

Title 1 Reading
Mrs. Stephanie Sandrock

Act 89 Math
Mrs. Sara Kilburn


Through the Act 89 program, speech and language therapy services are offered at Seton Catholic School from a certified speech-language pathologist. At the beginning of the school year, the speech-language pathologist conducts brief speech/language screenings involving all students in kindergarten/first grade, students previously enrolled in the therapy program and all new students to the building. Parents will be notified of the screening results only if a more in-depth evaluation is warranted and a written consent form will be sent home prior to the evaluation. In the school setting, the speech pathologist typically evaluates/treats the following areas: articulation, fluency, language (receptive, expressive, pragmatic, written), auditory processing and phonological awareness.

Speech-Language Pathologist
Mrs. Kristen Moutsos, MA, CCC-SLP